The mission of our Youth Advocacy Team is to give youth a voice about the issues they face and to empower them to educate their peers on the power of making informed decisions.

Currently we are looking for youth who are interested in becoming involved with advocacy.  As team members, they will develop individual and team leadership skills by participating in advocacy training, speaker development, organizational capacity building, and by facilitating educational opportunities for peers. Members will have the opportunity to earn community service hours through participation in meetings and events. Members will also be given the opportunity, through an application process, to participate in leadership trainings offered by State and Federal agencies. These trainings take place in multiple locations throughout the country.

As our membership grows, we will create an Executive Youth Advisory Board. The Executive Youth Advisory Board, along with the Youth coordinator, will be the driving force for our advocacy team. Their responsibilities will be to facilitate meetings to discuss risk factors facing youth on a daily basis, including substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, suicide, and self esteem.